Top 10 worst tattoos ever

10 of the worst tattoos ever

Tattoos are for life, not just for Christmas. Some people forget that in their moment of madness as they are getting inked all over their face. It isn’t magic marker people, it wont rub off. Sadly, this fact escapes many peoples attention with the end result being pretty horrific.

Here is the top 10 of the worst tattoos ever. 

1. Face tattoos- worst. idea. ever.

worst tattoos ever

2. The best way to get a lady is to let her know what you are all about. Pussy eater? Cool with me…or not. The Fuck U on his head is like the icing on top.

worst tattoos ever 2

3. This is just really, really sad.

worst tattoos ever 3

4. Not sure if this is a man, or woman.

worst tattoos ever 4

5. In memory of Michael Jackson. Although this looks like a six year old drew it. I’m not sure if “he touched so many” is supposed to be a joke or not? Strange choice of words considering.

worst tattoos ever 5

6. I guess the joke is on this guy.

worst tattoos ever 6

7. It looks more like a sea creature than a beach babe.

worst tattoos ever 7

8. This woman must really love cars. How embarrassing.

worst tattoos ever 8

9. There is having a favourite artist and there is being completely ridiculous. I’m sure Drake would agree.

worst tattoos ever 9

1. When true love transforms your face from a pretty young girl to an inky mess. This Russian girl got her boyfriends name tattooed all across her face, 24 hours after meeting him. Talk about memories to last a life time. I just hope they are all good ones.

worst tattoos ever 10

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