Save The Missing Link of The Royal Canal (In Memory of Noel McGeeney)

A short documentary about the Royal Canal in Longford, in memory of my grandad Noel McGeeney

Royal Canal Longford

Towards the end of 2015, I joined the Outtake Media group in Longford with a few other budding filmmakers, in a project called “Making TV to Remember”.

The idea behind the project was for us all to make a short video documentary which would capture something about the past within the County of Longford.

For thirty years, my Grandad Noel McGeeney worked on, and campaigned to get the Royal Canal in Longford cleaned up, and fully restored, bringing the harbour back into the Market Square.

The photograph above is my Grandads house, and as you can see the harbour took over the square. As a young boy, Grandad swam in the harbour and canal, and often recalled fond memories.

This video documentary captures just some of the tourism possibilities that could happen if proper work was done on the canal. It is a testament to the work my Grandad began, with the hope that one day his dream will come true.


An interview with YouTube sensation “Clisare” Clare Cullen

Dub Web Fest interview with YouTuber Clisare

Clisare Clare Cullen

During the YouTuber evening on the launch night of Dub Web Fest, I interviewed popular Irish YouTuber “Clisare about the turning point in her YouTube career that launched her to stardom, and advice she would give to YouTubers starting out.

An interview with “Zombie Bashers” creator Conor McMahon

An interview during Dub Web Fest with “Zombie Bashers” creator Conor McMahon

Zombie Bashers and Republic of Telly Director

I met with Award-winning Director Conor McMahon during Dub Web Fest after his really funny Directors Masterclass.

I asked him about the class, his own career highlights and any advice he has for beginners . Conor has worked on RTE web series Zombie Bashers and Republic of Telly. He has written and directed sketches with Rubberbandits and Damo & Ivor.

The guy is hilarious!!

Check out the interview:

and check out Episode one of Zombie Bashers:

An interview with music video director Bob Gallagher

Dub Web Fest interview with music video director Bob Gallagher

Bob Gallagher Music Video Director

Recently I had the honour of interviewing award winning director, writer and cinematographer Bob Gallagher during Dub Web Fest. Bob lead the Masterclass on How to Direct Music Videos during the festival. It was insightful and informative. Considering my love of music and recent camera purchase to shoot some live videos for Ceol Caint, it was cool to sit in on a talk from such a pro.

Check out some of Bob’s amazing videos:

Participant – Shelter

Girl Band – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?

Watch: An interview with musician Etain

An interview with Etain

Etain interview pic

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing a wonderfully talented young singer-songwriter from Leitrim; Etain.

At only seventeen-years-old and still in her Leaving Cert, this amazing musician is really set for big things.

She popped into the Flirt FM studio for a quick chat which you can catch below. Stay tuned as she also debuted her brilliant new song “Johnny Wants More” which I will reveal soon.