Wellfest 2015 delights in every way

Wellfest 2015


Hidden in a quiet corner of Dublin, Wellfest took over Herbert park on September 19. A far cry from the mud soak, alcohol fueled wellie fest which one would usually relate to a festival, punters descended on Wellfest with runners, workout gear and yoga mats in hand.

Reflecting back on Wellfest, it offered so much more than a day of workouts and talks. What is was, was a breath of fresh air, a community of people who wanted to wish eachother well.

From food vendors offering healthy alternatives, to fitness experts demonstrating their preferred exercises, to talks on endurance, healthy eating and keeping your mind fit, Wellfest had it all.

As someone who loves fitness, but has found herself in a slump for some time, it was an amazing boost and for want of a better word ‘kick up the arse’; it was inspiring.

Apart from one meditation class, I refrained from taking part in any of the fitness classes; honestly I wasn’t prepared for how many there would be. I did however delight in the healthy food samples, finding out about all the variety of health food options available across the city.

Speaking of health food, catching the Happy Pear giving a cookery demonstration was refreshing; their energy pure infectious. Their love for good clean food was evident, and the demonstration was both informative and extremely fun.

As a big activist for mental health awareness, I looked forward to Bressie’s talk. Having seen him at Electric Picnic last year, I was aware of how powerful his words were and again, refreshing to hear somebody of his stature speaking about mental health so openly and honestly; queue the tears.

The goodie bag also has to be mentioned; full of delicious healthy treats, it alone made going worthwhile, the festival itself being a massive bonus.

For its first year, Wellfest went above and beyond anything I expected. As a major festival goer, I am delighted that this is on the calendar at the end of the music festival season offering a kick-start to detox in a fun, friendly environment. I’m looking forward to next year already and to Wellfest being a very important part of the year- health too often gets overlooked.

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Wellfest set to open minds to a world of health and fitness

Ireland’s first ever health and fitness festival


Dublin, get ready for your mind to be completely opened to an entire world of health and fitness. Tomorrow, September 19, Herbert Park will be home to Wellfest; Ireland’s first ever health and fitness festival.

With festival season well and truly behind us, many may be suffering “festival fever” as a result of heavy partying all summer long. Wellfest has come at the perfect time, helping us to kick start the detox to get our lives back in order.

Some of the brightest and best from across the country will gather for this unique one day festival offering a range of health, fitness and wellness activities to suit all tastes. You may even discover a new activity to fall in love with.

With yoga, TRX, spinning, delicious healthy food, demonstration cookery classes from the good people at The Happy Pear and really informative talks; there is so much happening.

Personally, I am looking forward to going along to be inspired, and come away with that wholesome feeling of goodness one can only get from being clean and healthy.

With talks on body image and self-love, the ultimate guide on looking and feeling awesome and busting nutrition myths, it would be hard to go away without some nuggets of wisdom. Healthy nuggets of course; not a McNugget in sight.

There will be talks on mindfulness and meditation, preparing for and preventing injuries and Bressie ending the day with a discussion about building a more resistant Ireland. Having watched Bressie give a talk about mental health at Electric Picnic in 2014, I can say without a doubt you are in for an inspiring speech.

Tickets are only €35, giving you a rare opportunity to learn from and train with the best. Buy one now.

100 healthy days, day nine: no meat or alcohol = a healthy me

There has been a gap in my days blogging, but not so much a gap in being healthy. I discovered on day four, I really eat the same things over and over. With no time to be adventurous during the week, I tend to stick to the same pattern of eating, so I got bored taking the photos.

However, over the past few days I have uncovered some interesting points. Having hemochromatosis, I’m not supposed to drink alcohol or eat red meat. There are exceptions, such as red wine in moderation is ok, but seriously, what does red wine in moderation even mean?

So, having struggled for a few months with this concept, I came to the conclusion I was going to give it up entirely after Christmas. Not being much of a meat eater anyway, I decided to give it up, apart from meat. Here is what I found;

Before Christmas, my ferritin (level of iron in blood) was somewhere around the 400 mark. After four venesections (taking blood to remove the iron) my levels dropped to lowest 395, at one point they even went up. Each time my doctor would shake his head in disbelief and each time I would say, “maybe I should be watching my diet, or stop drinking alcohol”, to which, each time he replied, “no, you can have whatever you want!”. So what was a girl to do, this is medical advice…

So, here is what I did, I didn’t listen to him but rather I gave up meat and alcohol. My last VS was two weeks before Christmas, then four weeks after Christmas I went back for the “test” to see where my levels were at. Let me note here that I drank wine over Christmas and New Year, and didn’t give up it or meat until January 5 so there was no change in my diet to mean that VS should have worked in anyway different than the others. Also, six weeks between VS is too long, it should be every fortnight or so, which it had been thus previous. However, there was a change.

By the time I had the “test” which is a routine blood test, I had been alcohol and meat free for a full three weeks. My ferritin levels dropped to 225! My doctor is still not impressed with this as they need to be at 50, I however am thrilled. Taking my own health in my hands like that was empowering. It proves that with clean eating, being alcohol free and keeping, for the most part, to a healthy diet that you CAN heal yourself.

Let thy food be thy medicine!

After I got the results, it was straight to the vampires table for more VS, the results of which I will get two weeks from now. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. I’m not expecting another massive drop, but a drop nonetheless.

I have not been 100% to the dot healthy. Today for instance, I was upset about my grandad being ill and rather than have a bottle of wine, I had my favourite comfort food dish- pasta with pesto and mozzarella, and ALOT of it. Do I feel guilty, no! Although, I generally never eat pasta, preferring rice noodles as a gluten free version.

My fitness since I last blogged has also been great. I managed to run 18km through pure snow on Sunday, in prep for an upcoming half marathon. I’ve taken the past two days out but back to it tomorrow. I’ve taken some photos here and there over the past few days so I’ll include them below.











long run

100 Healthy Days Day Three: Temptation Wins Every Time

My gosh, if I don’t start taking this seriously I may as well give up before it begins. CHOCOLATE, AGAIN today. I bought a bar of dark chocolate today with the intention of breaking it up to make clean eating banana cookies. However, after lunch one of the girls asked if I had any chocolate so I ended up sharing it out and ate a lot of it myself. I need to get serious.

Today was International Sweatpants Day, so we all wore a tracksuit to work, which was nice. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we did yoga in work which was fun.

Other than that I have had no exercise today, however I might go in awhile. I came home to blog and food prep as I have been getting back from the gym so late on other days.

Food today, other than chocolate, was a banana pancake for breakfast and I added almond milk today which was nice. I also had a glass of coconut milk as I’m really finding it to be a good energy boost. I had a carrot for a snack, lunch was a bean and pepper salad wrapped in rice paper with a few potatoes and dinner was potatoes and a beet burger.

I ate far too many potatoes. In general, I actually think I’m eating too much. So I’m going to try and figure this out over the next few days and see how I get on. I also think I should start taking progress pictures, even though I hate them.

My photos are a disaster as my camera phone is poor, but I feel really stupid bringing my proper camera to work and snapping everything I eat, more so because I hate explaining to everyone what I’m doing. There mostly German so it would probably be really strange to them, “I want to lose weight so I’m photographing what I eat”, maybe I should stop caring.

100 Healthy Days Day Three Meals

100 Healthy Days- Day Two: Me Vs the Mouse

Day two of 100 Healthy Days just started off on the wrong foot. We have a mouse problem in my apartment, or so my housemate informed me last week.

I was quite happy to ignore this fact, until yesterday morning when I went to do food prep for the day and I heard the little bugger rustling around in the paper bin. So, making as much noise as possible I turned on the lights and the radio and went for a shower thinking “that’ll scare him off”.

Alas, this was not the case. I came back into the kitchen to find him sitting pretty on top of the oven. Que me screaming and legging it out of the kitchen. THAT scared the mouse off but of course there wasn’t a hope in hell of me food prepping now, let alone using the oven for anything.

Reluctantly I quickly made lunch, and happily had a dinner in the fridge prepared from the weekend. A bad omen I think for the day to come.

Actually, I was pretty good with my diet apart from two chocolate sweets. Two more than I was supposed to have.

Exercise consisted of my gym workout programme which was set by one of the trainers and a run interval session on the treadmill. My training is tailored to suit me as I am training for some big races so there’s no point in me sharing these as they won’t suit anyone else. However, if you’re really interested please ask.

My food today was three rice cakes and a banana for breakfast, red grapes for a snack, a bean and tuna salad for lunch, and a black bean burger for dinner.

healthy eating


Dinner 100 healthy days day two

100 Healthy Days, Day One

100 Healthy Days

Day one of 100 healthy days,and bar the giant spoonful of Nutella which I couldn’t resist, the day went very well. For the first time this year, I’m really feeling fantastic. This is more so down to the fortnight of no alcohol and relatively healthy eating combined with a restful weekend, rather than one good day today.

I’m under no illusion of how hard this is going to be and the dedication it will take. For one thing, as someone who blogs professionally for a living (yes, a paid job in blogging I know!!), coming home after a long day at work at on the gym to blog some more is horrendous. However, it’s all part of this challenge. It would be all too easy to say “Ah, I’ll do it tomorrow”, which in turn would mean skipping days and falling out of routine.

Today’s meals were pretty good, pictured below, and exercise consisted of a 45 minute strength and toning routine followed by 35 minute treadmill.

So, for today I’ll keep it short and sweet. There are a lot of topics which are worth exploring over the course of the next 99 days, but for now, pictures will have to say their 1000 words because I’m pooped.

As always, if you want to know the ingredients of anything, just ask. However, I usually just make it up as I go along depending on what I have in.

As well as the food, I drank two mugs of hot lemon, two mugs of berry tea and about 2.5 litres of water throughout the day.

I promise not all posts will be this boring. In work, I write on average 2500/3000 words per day so my creativity will only stretch so far.

Thanks for reading, much love x

healthy living gluten free pancake

Breakfast- Banana Pancake with Yogurt and Berries

healthy eating snack

Carrots and Cucumber Snack

mixed salad

Lunch Tuna and Bean Mixed Salad

oat and blueberry muffin

Oat and Blueberry Muffin for Lunchtime Tea Snack

Vegetable Rice curry

Dinner Vegetable Rice Curry

Picked this up in the supermarket, it helped with the dizziness after training. I'm not even sure what it is and it is kinda gross but it's only small and did the job

Picked this up in the supermarket, it helped with the dizziness after training. I’m not even sure what it is and it is kinda gross but it’s only small and did the job

100 Healthy Days, Day 0

So it’s the eve of my 100 Healthy Days challenge and I have done some food prep for the week, as well as a training diary. I plan to eat as clean as possible, with a few clean treats thrown in which I will mix up with some triathlon and gym training. Also, having decided to abstain from meat and alcohol for as long as possible, it will be interesting to see how the combination of everything works. One thing I won’t be giving up however, is hot chocolate; I adore it.

I have a busy few months ahead, with visitors coming, going travelling, going to gigs, so this has come at the right time. Clean eating will mean higher energy levels to ensure I have the strength for all this stuff. Usually, with haemochromatosis and an underactive thyroid, one busy week would wipe me out completely for the next week.

Another thing I have signed up to is a 12 month HSM…Hello Sunday Morning, which means I have pledged to give up alcohol for twelve months… I am two weeks in. I will explain the ins and outs of Hello Sunday Morning later. For now, I just wanted to write a short introduction.

Also, I will explain why I have decided to do this challenge at another stage. It is Sunday, I am tired, and I blog professionally for a living, so it doesn’t appeal to me to start writing a long post as Monday morning looms. I am going to watch “Wild”, which the description says is “A chronicle of one woman’s 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent catastrophe”, seems fitting.

To begin, here is a photo of my breakfast and dinner today. Banana Pancake and Fish Curry. If you want recipes, let me know but mostly I make things up as I go along. Apologies for the poor quality photos, my phone has not got a great camera, I will be using my proper camera from now on.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday x


Breakfast: Banana Pancake with LF Yougart and Berries

banana pancake.jpg-small


Dinner: Fish Curry

fish curry