Longford Rose Selection Song: Angel Eyes

Song: Angel Eyes

Rose of Longford selection

This year I entered the Rose of Longford selection which took place in The Longford Arms Hotel. As part of the selection it was up to each girl if they wanted to do a talent and I decided to sing a song I wrote about my friend who passed away.

On July 02 2005, Sarah Murtagh passed away as the result of a car accident. As a way of coping, and to help all of our friends, I wrote this song. I called it Angel Eyes as those who knew her know she had the biggest, most beautiful eyes.

Entering the Longford Rose Selection was something which I never would have imagined I would do. Having been away from home from a few months, I was literally back in the country around 72 hours when I entered, I felt like I had something to offer. For the first time in my life I felt as if I had something to give back to others and this was a platform to do it.

This song is one which means a lot to me as it is so personal.


Poem: A wave that creeps

A wave creeps, creeps over my head.
Then splashes down strong in a whisper of dread.
That wave, it lingers.
That wave, it pours.
That wave spent hours hovering of course.
Hours it lingered.
Hours it shook.
Hours it splashed and knocked like a crook.
A crook that comes creeping.
Creeping in the night.
One to steal everything.
Away out of sight.
But the things that it steals it’s not money nor food.
It’s the heart from right inside you.
That part that just should.
Should scream out loud.
Right at the top of your voice.
But what is the choice?
The choice to choose something.
The choice to choose more.
The choice to show anxiety its not welcome anymore.
So I unlift the veil.
With a fear of being unmasked.
A fear of the truth being a laugh.
Not one, but all, not alone as such.
As the wave breaks over like an icey brook.
But patience is a virtue. a
And kindness is grand.
And anxiety is a foe that aught not be fed.
Please give me no reason.
Please give me no fire.
Please recognise my wish for a life full of quiet.
I wish for just this without compromise nor lies.
Just one sweet goodbye.
No complexities nor pride.
Bye bye un-forgiveness.
Bye bye sorrow.
Hello anew.
Hello tomorrow.

Poem: Today you turned ten

Today you turned ten,
A joyous day,
For everyone loves their birthday.

Today you turned ten,
Ten balloons, a cake,
A birthday smile is never fake.

Saying “it’s my birthday” to everyone you meet,
Blowing out ten candles,
Ten kisses on your cheek.

Today you turned ten,
Oh how the years they fly,
Just like you do, our angel in the sky.

For today is your birthday in heaven,
Ten years ago you passed,
Not a day goes by still we don’t miss you,
Our love it still lasts.

Ten years ago today,
It’s still so hard to believe,
And with each and every year,
We still mourn you, we still grieve.

But today it is your birthday,
And I promise not to cry,
Birthdays are a time to laugh,
Not a time to sigh.

We love you with all our hearts Sarah,
We love you with all our soul,
We treasure the day we will meet you again,
That day our lives will be whole.

For we know you’re watching down on us,
From a fluffy cloud in the sky,
And with that thought we celebrate your birthday,
It’s impossible to cry.

So blow out your ten candles,
We blow you ten kisses,
We live today for you,
We honour your wishes.

We raise a glass,
We’ll sing it true,
Happy birthday in heaven,
One day we will celebrate your birthday with you.