Online dating for enemies

Find your greatest enemy on an online dating site

Online enemies

image via Daithiming on Reddit. 

We have all been guilty of online dating; desperately scrolling through images of strangers, reading endless bios of likes and dislikes in the hope of finding “the one”. “Oh, they like cups of tea and walks on the beach too? It’s destiny!”.

However, all is fair in love and the internet and it is also possible to find your arch enemy, the person you hate most in the world but haven’t even met yet. That’s just what happened Reddit user Daithiming, or rather, his arch nemesis found him.

OkCupid matched the pair as 100% enemies, and only 10% match, so the user decided the best course of action would be to declare war, but ask Daithiming how best to proceed in this unusual incidence. Of course what is one to do in a situation such as this but post to Reddit!

Online dating is always going to be a bit dodgy, after all it means picking a photo of a stranger you find attractive, and mailing them to say “I like the look of you, let’s do stuff”. Except in this case two enemies have come together and now must decide how to go forward in what is sure to be a long and arduous battle.

On the plus side, at lease they don’t have to go on a few long-winded and painfully boring dates before deciding that they hate eachother. Let the battle commence.


Girl takes on photobomber with one hand

Girl uses one hand to prevent photobomber ruining the photo

girl blocks photobomber

There’s nothing worse than pretty girls looking back on photos of a night out to realise some complete pleb has ruined a potentially perfect photo.

Not wanting that to happen, this girl took matters into her own hands (literally) and prevented this photobomb from happening.

The result was, a really pretty and quite hilarious photo; also a reminder not to be deceived by a lovely smile.

Have you ever gone to extreme lengths to get achieve a perfect photo? If you have, please share!

Watch: “Drunk” baby makes us adults look at life 

Which kind of drunk are you?

There are three types of drunks in every bar:

  1. The superstar: That man or woman in the middle of the floor dancing and singing to their hearts content. They don’t care that everyone is watching, they don’t care that nobody cares, they don’t realise that not one other person agrees that their singing and dancing prowess amount to that of a wet sponge. They are having their fun, and that’s all that matters.
  2. The grump: Yer man at the bar who thinks he just knows it all. He went for one to calm his nerves, and after one two many he has tipped over the edge. The world is fucked and he is angry. Angry at the banks, angry at the government, angry at his wife for not understanding him and angry at his kids for not listening to him. So he will keep drinking, knowing that as soon as he goes home he will be in trouble, so may as well make it count.
  3. The bailer: There’s always one. After a few drinks they are asleep in the corner. At the beginning of the night they are raring to go, and always up for the party, but they just can’t handle the craic and bail. If they are stubborn, they will try to fight it but end up being overcome by the alcohol and fall asleep where they are. Mostly, they just bail. You call them the next day wondering where on earth they went and they happily reply “home”, not even caring that yet again, they missed all the fun.

Of course there are those who don’t over do it, and just drink to be merry and have a great night. Fair play to them!

Which kind of drunk are you?


Today’s top vid: Foo Fighters Rick Roll Westboro Baptist Church

Foo Fighters Gate Crash a Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Foo Fighters Westoboro Baptist Church

In what is probably one of the greatest fuck you’s to the demonic Westboro Baptist Church, The Foo Fighters gate crashed one of their freakish protests with a party.

This further elevates The Foo Fighters as the nicest band in rock and shows that their celebrity status hasn’t made them lose sight of what is important; being fucking sound!

We all know the Westboro Baptist Church are insane bible bashing miscreants that make no sense whatsoever. They spend their lives running good people down. I’m not sure what this protest was even for, but The Foo Fighters showed them what’s what.

Video: dog minions **warning: cuteness alert**

Vine video of Minion Dogs

dogs dressed like minions

Warning: total cuteness alert with these dog minions. Some genius decided to dress their dogs up as minions and the outcome is this fantastic vine.

This inspired creation was the brain child of Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, an award winning pet blog. Crusoe is an adventurous dog who blogs his travels; you never know where you might find him.

Check out this adorable video below.

Video: Kanye West Vs Freddy Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody

Kanye West Glasto performance parody featuring Freddie Mercury

Kanye West Vs Freddy Mercury

It’s days like today I love the internet. Some genius put together this amazing video of Kanye West’s Glastonbury performance of Bohemian Rhapsody, compared to how the man himself, Freddy Mercury, performs it.

Unless you were living under a rock all weekend, you will have read the endless posts discussing/ slating Kanye’s set. Even if you didn’t witness it for yourself, it was dissected bit by bit by everyone on the internet and radio. Love him or hate him, he put on a performance that the entire web was talking about.

One of the highlights was when he attempted to perform Bohemian Rhapody; even the BBC subtitles tore him to shreds.

As these things tend to go on the internet, someone put this wonderful delight together. It goes to show you’re never safe; there’s always someone out there willing to take the absolute piss.

Watch it here:

Video: Stone Trigger Stand by Me a Tribute to Shay

Stone Trigger release charity single for Shetemi Ayetigbo

Stone Trigger Charity Single

In light of the recent death of Shay Shetemi Ayetigbo, Dublin rock band Stone Trigger have released a charity single Stand by Me A Tribute to Shay. Featuring the Belvo Boys and Blue Sun, the single is a fitting tribute to the popular footballer.

A player for Belvadere Football Club, the 16-year-old midfielder died during a match against St Kevin’s boy-school. This single has been released to help Shay’s family, and any other family who suffers such a tragic loss.

The song can be downloaded from Google Play for only €0.99, from iTunes for €0.99 and you can get a physical CD for only €6.00.