Tips For Single Women From 1938

Tips For Single Women From 1938

Remember growing up when you were always told to “mind your manners”, what the hell did that mean anyway? Mind it, as if someone was just going to come right up behind you and steal it from you. Sure if you had bad manners nobody would want to take that and you shouldn’t mind it anyway.

What about you single girls out there? You are obviously doing something wrong that men are so repulsed by you. Are you forgetting to shave your legs or do you chew with your mouth open? Retronaut have some top tips, in pictures, to how a single lady should behave while in courtship.














Look Familiar??

Do you think these tips are still relevant today? Let us know in the comments below.


Rach Writes on The Camino de Santiago

Walking the Camino


I will be off the blogsphere for a week, because the eve of The Camino has finally arrived. To finally be going on The Camino is a bit overwhelming, totally emotional and altogether so exciting.

This is a trip I have wanted to go on for years, so it is mad that it has finally come. In so many ways I am not ready for this trip, regardless of the fact it has come on so quickly that I have only just packed, and probably too much.

Physically, mentally and emotionally I am in the worst shape of my life; not the best way to start a 114km trek. In one sense however, it’s the best state to begin as it allows for complete solitude for complete reflection. As someone dear to me said “why not leave all of the crap that happened at the beginning of the walk, and leave it there, by the end you won’t feel it anymore”.

I don’t want to create a public diary about the ins and outs of stuff that has happened me in the past year (and longer) but it’s been an emotional roller-coaster and one which I can’t bear to ride any longer. There’s only so much a person can bear before the break, and inner strength will only get you so far. For me, I’ve broken; completely shattered beyond self-recognition. However I know I’m about to embark on a journey which will get me back on track. I’m hoping this walk will give me some much needed direction.

The walking stick I am bringing is particularly meaningful as it belonged to my grandad who passed away.

So, without further ado…I’ll be on my WAY.

Rach Writes Stuff makes the Blog Award finals

Rach Writes Stuff named one of the top ten best entertainment blogs in Ireland


To say I am thrilled is an understatement. To be named as one of the top ten entertainment blogs in Ireland is pretty mind-blowing. These past few months have been especially hard for me, I have been going through a lot of emotional turmoil which has had a really negative effect on my health. This announcement has firmly placed my spring back in my step, something which I have been missing for quite some time.

Words can’t really express the happiness I feel right now. It is like total reassurance that things are going well, and I am doing just fine; better than I could have imagined actually. It has made me want to build my blogs bigger and better, and I look forward to developing them even more over the next while.

Thank you everyone for the continuous support x Rach x

The Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll Experience delivers a nostalgic insight into our musical heritage

The Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum ExperienceDSCN4589

Open only a few months, the Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll museum experience has become an eminent part of Dublin tourism. As music holds a prominent part in Irish culture, with an extensive history of artists which have influenced music globally, it was only a matter of time before somewhere like this was established.

Located at the core of Dublin’s prominent music scene, Temple Bar, it is convenient for locals and tourists alike.


On introduction, we are greeted by the lovely tour guide Klara, who hands us our VIP Rock ‘n’ Roll  passes, while telling us she herself has played within these walls. The authenticity of having a musician who has rehearsed in these studios just adds to the experience, especially as Klara is so informative and enthusiastic.

She brings us deep into the  heart of The Button Factory, where throughout the years hundreds of musicians have rehearsed, and begins to tell us some interesting facts.

Next we are brought into a small cinema, where we watch a short film on the history of Irish music, from humble beginnings to present day acts. This part of the tour is very nostalgic, and as a fanatic of all things Irish music, I’m not afraid to admit I got a bit emotional. That lump in my throat formed as we went reeling in the years of such fantastic, influential musicians all from our fair isle; we sure are a talented bunch.


Then it was time to form our own rock band! Klara brought the tour, which was made up of myself, another Irish gentleman and an American couple, into a rehearsal room which was full of costumes. I adore dressing up, so this part was particularly enjoyable. My fellow band mates laughed at my get up which was a purple feather jacket and an over sized hat, but I confess, I liked it!  We named our band “The Gobshites” and our first album was aptly named “Full of Shite”. We rocked out on some instruments as Klara kindly played our personal photographer, before being escorted the the backstage “green room”.


This was a cool insight into the life of real Rock ‘n’ Roll stars, although Klara did assure us that we were real rock stars. We saw photographs of famous people who have played there, examples of riders and then we got to make our own; which turned out to be a modest request of some Jameson Whiskey.

Soon we were guided up the stairs for our big performance, which was brilliantly animated by the sound of an “audience” screaming and a roar from Klara introducing us to the stage. She really embodied the perfect chauffeur for our rock ‘n’ roll group, building up excitement at every moment.


After a few on-stage photographs, we had a look at some U2 memorabilia before being led up to the VIP viewing area. Again, here were some superb rock ‘n’ roll photographs, capturing the greats forever.


On we go, out to the rock ‘n’ roll “Wall of Fame” which is a dominant focal point of Temple Bar. Again, Klara tells us some interesting stories about some prominent figures in the scene. From here we are brought into the recording centre, home of Sun Studios.


We are brought up to an area where a nice gentleman shows us the sound desk, which is surrounded by Thin Lizzy memorabilia.  He begins to tell us some stories as I gaze mesmerized at the desk; I have always had a massive interest in sound engineering.


The next part was also interactive and really fun for me, unfortunately my tour group were not as enthusiastic, as we took to the instruments, with yours truly as the singer, for some rock ‘n’ roll karaoke; The Boys are Back in Town our song of choice.

We were brought to the gift shop then with the tour brought to a close, The Gobshites parted ways, sighting irreconcilable differences as the reason for the bands break up.

Overall, the tour was informative, enjoyable and a fun experience. Honestly, I think the ticket prices are too costly and while it may be a draw for tourists, it does alienate locals who would be interested but deterred by the price. It would also be nice if as a token we got to keep the VIP tour passes.

As a tour I would really recommend it for a group; it would be the perfect Christmas party activity! For anyone with even the slightest interest in our music heritage, it is definitely a must. If you can manage to book a tour with Klara as the guide you are in for a treat, she is brilliant fun and really brings it to life; although I am sure all of the guides do. Combine with a trip up to the Phillo statue and a few drinks around town, it makes for a fantastic day out.

My weekend at Longitude

Longitude Festival 2015

I was asked last minute to do promotions work with Hot Press magazine for Longitude festival , so of course I jumped at the chance.

Having never been to Longitude, it was a great opportunity to experience what the festival had to offer. A sucker for all music festivals, I adore the chance to get festival chic and listen to some great music.

As I was working, and it wasn’t a camping festival, I didn’t dress too festive; I’ll save the good stuff for Electric Picnic. Here’s a few photos of what I wore and of the festival.

See my website for a review of Longitude 2015.

Five reasons tea is great


Tea; the solution to all of the problems in life. You’re upset, drink some tea, you’re hungover, drink some tea, you fall on your ass, drink some tea. No matter what happens on a daily basis, there is nothing that won’t be made better by drinking a nice warm cuppa. Black, white, sugary or sugarless, a cup of liquid love is one of the world’s few miracle cures, regardless of what form it takes.

In no particular order or preference, here are some top reasons that tea is great!

  1. Not only is it delicious, it’s easy! Boil the kettle, pop in a bag, add some flavours to taste and badabing- instant gratification.
  2. It has been known to cure pretty much all ailments. If you’re feeling crap, a cup of tea will help. In some cases, tea actually does have medicinal properties. And we all know those hippies drink green tea for a reason.
  3. It tastes flippin’ great, plus there’s all different flavours! Whatever mood takes you, you could be drinking regular tea one minute, but a refreshing lemony burst the next. There’s even chocolate flavor tea; all the fun with none of the guilt.
  4. Tea will calm you down. No matter how angry or upset you are, a cup of tea will make you see reason and has probably stopped actual murders in the past. Try some chamomile tea for extra effect; you’ll be sleeping like a baby.
  5. It’s an excuse for a party!! Aint nobody ever heard of a “coffee party” or “afternoon coffee”! Nah, tea is a wonderful excuse to gather with friends and have a charming old time.

There are many more reasons why tea is the best thing in life. If you’re a lover of tea, comment with some reasons why you love it. Go on, go on, go on!