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Rachel’s 8Tunes on 8Radio.com February 04

Rachel’s 8Tunes on 8Radio.com


Smudge the cat is very excited! Can you guess why?

That’s right we’re about to rock it up on 8radio.com! Cool cats love 8radio (and tea of course).

Coming up at 9pm tunes from Dire Straits, Caravan Palace, White Chalk, Greenday and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly.

Listen in on 8radio.com/listen or download the 8radio app to your smart devices (it’s the smart thing to do). You can also catch it on the TuneIn app.

9-10pm folks!!! Do it for Smudge.


Rachel’s 8Tunes on 8Radio.com January 27th

Rachel’s 8Radio show January 27th 2016

Rachel 8Radio

Rachel’s 8 Tunes on 8Radio.com! Where I give you a French lesson in rabbits!!

Tuuuuunes from Imploded View and Caravan Palace, Leon Bridges, Leonard Cohen, Girl in a Coma, French for Rabbits, Message to Bears…

And much much more!!

Rachel’s 8Tunes on 8Radio.com January 21 2016

Rachel on the radio


Oh HEY! It’s that time of the week again…The Rachel Masterson experience on 8Radio.com! Thursday night’s 9-10pm!!

This weeks show I’ve kicked off with some of The Radioactive Grandma, throwing in a bit of The Minutes and The Pale….

Mixing it up then with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Suede and The Beta Band!

And….a little Soundcloud experiment I got up to this week after hearingBeach Baby‘s “Sleeperhead” (also on the show.)

So check it all out on Rachel’s 8tunes….

8Radio is back on FM with three day weekends

8Radio is back on FM for a six week run, with Friday’s now added to the bill


8Radio is back on the FM dial but this time with something a bit special; the gift of three day weekends, hurray!

Launching today, for at least the next six weeks, 8Radio.com is delighted to announce it’s second FM run of 2015 in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway.

The extra day of FM broadcast gives listeners even more chance to catch this great station “playing the music we like”. It is just one step closer to what will hopefully be a permanent operation, of course you can always catch them online on 8radio.com or on the TuneIn app.

8Radio.com is the brainchild of Simon Maher, a man who is no stranger to the Irish radio industry. Apart from his day job as a Lecturer in Media and Broadcasting at Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Simon was one of the founders and the public face of Phantom FM from its pirate roots in 1998 until its takeover in 2011.

Speaking ahead of the start of the Autumn FM launch of 8Radio.com, Managing Director Simon Maher said:
“It’s very exciting to be going back on FM with 8Radio.com for another 6 weekends in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. As always, our aim is to put the excitement and human engagement back into music radio. We have built a brilliant team of more than 20 presenters and support staff, all of whom have a love of music and radio and we work to ensure that this passion and enthusiasm comes across on air. 8Radio.com has found a niche among music lovers and those who may not currently consume much, if any, traditional FM radio.

We realise that radio stations have to change with the times and that’s why we have tailored our station to deliver something unique and compelling but also simple. There should be nothing revolutionary about playing The Frank & Walters followed by Jamie XX followed by Kate Bush on a Friday morning Breakfast show presented by two smart female presenters! We play the music we like and it’s just the natural thing to do. No auditorium tests, no focus groups, just lovers of music listening to and sharing great music in the company of passionate and knowledgeable presenters.”

Tune in to 8Radio and you are guaranteed to only hear great music; a mix of old a new, lots of alternative and rare gems that never get airplay, you’ll be bopping up the street without a care who is watching.

Since its launch in spring 2013, 8Radio.com has broadcast online 7 days a week with specialist music programmes each weeknight evening and a full live schedule all weekend.

8Radio.com is brought to listeners through a variety of platforms, including live Internet streaming, bespoke Smartphone and Tablet Applications, and a temporary FM licence. From midnight on October 16th 2015 8Radio.com will broadcast live in Dublin (94.3FM), Cork (106.7FM), Limerick (105.5FM) and Galway (89.5FM) and will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until November 22nd 2015 as well as online 24/7.